About Me

Hi, I am Nick Georgiou.

I am a local photographer based in County Durham. My passion is photography, and I am a full time wedding photographer that travels the world. However, in my spare time I take photos of landmarks, the countryside, animals... you get the idea!

This website is for my work to be purchased as digital copies so you can use as you wish, or why not take a look at the print options from a canvas print or framed print of many sizes and much more.

I love to travel around the UK, Europe and the rest of the World! Although I spend most of my time around the North East, Northumberland, Lake District, that doesn't mean I don't go further, I always love to visit new places and explore (with camera in hand of course!)

If you would like to learn more about my wedding photography click here

A Bit More...

A bit more about me, well first thing is first... my name! Most people first think it's Italian but actually, my parents are Greek Cypriot, yet I was born in the North East of England where I have spent most of my life. The next thing is how do you pronounce Georgiou? It's George-ee-o (but don't worry if you still not sure, this is very often a great conversation starter!)

I married my beautiful wife Libby who is from North Yorkshire, Thirsk to be exact, and I have three amazing children. Two girls, a boy and mans best friend, my dog. Why photography? Well, my mother gave me my first camera when I was about 8/9 and as nobody in my family was able to use it (or wanted to use it) from there my love for photography was born.